Midwinter Wolves

Cover image for Midwinter's gift, featuring a set of reindeer antlers over a forest lit by blue light.

Presented for your pleasure: an excerpt from my first full-length book, Midwinter Gifts.  Meadow Lily and her father are crossing the mountains in the dead of winter, which while beautiful, are full of peril…

(The full book is available in print and ebook here!)

The path still rose steeply, but the stone seemed cut into long, shallow steps, flattened in a path wide enough for three to walk abreast. She swore that they seemed deliberately laid when she caught glimpses of them beneath the snow. No trees lived here except some solitary brightneedles or pines, and precious little foliage of any kind other than the occasional scraggly bush, crawl of aelfivy along the stone walls, and patches of green and violet Dur-moss on the underside of the oddly regular rock outcroppings.

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