Cover image for Wyrd of the Wolfkin, featuring a stylized wolf eating its own tail.

 Wyrd of the Wolfkin  РBrandr Aericson lives in the mountains, far from his home and his past as a sea-faring raider. But a curse grows, and a price must be paid, and fate will not be cheated. The howls echo through the hills. Can the werewolf be stopped?


KnightCover image for Knight of Grey, Featuring a stylized wolf eatings its own tail. of Grey – Following a month after the events in Wyrd of the Wolfkin, Knight of Grey sees the retired sea-wolf Brandr Aericson join the mighty Arindel of High Meadow. Arindel meets two paladins who require her aid to face the demons haunting a ruined fortress. Eager to help, Arindel ventures into the jaws of certain doom – where her faith itself will be challenged.


Midwinter Gifts – Meadow Lily and Duad live Cover image for Midwinter's gift, featuring a set of reindeer antlers over a forest lit by blue small village in the grips of a merciless winter. As hungry wolves stalk the wilds, both children are separated from their families and must endure the cold together. Midwinter Gifts is a heartwarming, heart-wrenching story about facing grief, fear, and loneliness as they discover their strengths and become something more.